Equine Therapy -  Equine Sports Massage in West Sussex & Surrey

Surrey Equine Massage's therapy for the horses we treat is to aid recovery from injury, improve their performance and to enable them to enjoy an active lifestyle.


Covering West Sussex and Surrey, Emma Trace has a passion and love for horses, having owned and worked with horses for over 20 years and run her equine therapy horse massage business since 2015.


All horses can benefit from equine massage treatment regardless of discipline, from the retired horse, happy hacker up to an international competition horse or racehorse.


The horse and rider perform to their best when in harmony with one another, Surrey Equine Massage can also offer full massage treatment for both the horse and rider.

If the rider has muscle tension or injury, the tension from the rider could restrict the horse’s performance. Therefore to enhance the performance of the horse and rider & being a fully qualified Human Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist, Emma can offer a horse and rider massage packages. 


Qualified in Equine Sports Massage, Emma was trained by the renowned trainer Mary Bromiley MBE, gaining an ITEC Diploma.


Emma is a member of;
ESMA – Equine Sports Massage Association www.equinemassageassociation.co.uk
IRSM - Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage http://www.theisrm.com/


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