About Equine Sports Massage


All horses can benefit from a equine massage treatment regardless of discipline, from the retired horse, happy hacker up to an international competition horse or racehorse.


Equine sports massage can have a positive effect for the wellbeing of the horse, massage treatments can also:

  • Enhance performance
  • Improve Suppleness
  • Aid recovery should your horse have an injury
  • Improve and increase circulation
  • Enhance muscle tone
  • Relax muscle spasm and release tension
  • Prevent and relieve adhesions (scar tissue)
  • Increase the range of movement
  • Reduce stress

Pre and post competition/exercise massage can benefit a horse, as the massage prepares the muscles before activity. Post competition/exercise massages actively relax the muscle and remove toxins.


Regular massages sessions train the horses muscles to recover.


To adhere to the veterinary act, we always seek veterinary approval prior to the assessment and massage session. 

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