Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping was developed Dr Kenso Kaze in Japan in 1970, originally designed for humans and now for developed for animals including horses.  You will have probably seen athletes taped with the brightly coloured tape.   


The benefits of taping include;

Taping can increase and stimulate the horse’s proprioceptive systems, this affects joints, ligaments and posture. (see below for more information on the proprioceptive system)

Reduces pain and inflammation

Reduces swelling and edema

Influences fascia and muscle, can have a positive effect on joint misalignment

Improves Muscle function and re-educating muscle memory

Increases lymphatic and vascular flow


Taping is only applied if the therapist feels it is suitable for the horse at the time of treatment.  As a horse owner you are under no pressure for the taping to be applied to your horse.

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